A Freshman Perspective: Adjusting to the J-Building Stairs and More Here at OC


Diane T. Stanton, Staff Writer '18

I don’t even know where to begin when describing my first weeks at Oakland Catholic High School. To be brief, it has been absolutely crazy with a capital C! The first weeks here (more like the first week) were incredibly busy and a lot to take in. With orientation, class meetings, picture day, and my first OC picnic combined with all of the stress that stems from being in a new school with new people, most of whom you don’t even know, let’s just say it was amazing that the freshman class didn’t descend into a scene of mass destruction.

One of the first impressions that I had of the school was that Oakland Catholic has a ton of steps, which I definitely wasn’t prepared for. Since my homeroom is on the third floor of the J-building, I go through a daily killer cardio workout just to change my books! The fact of the matter is that there are steps everywhere – you just can’t avoid them!  All you can do is embrace the steps for what they are and convince yourself, as I have, that at least you do get exercise when climbing the various mountains that most call stairwells here at OC.

Now, let’s talk about the trends that I noticed floating around the halls during the first few weeks. Some things are very common for people to accessorize our gorgeous uniforms with. Most notably, backpacks provide an outlet for students to “express themselves”. The majority of the students that I have seen wear backpacks mostly from Jansport, Trans by Jansport (my personal favorite), Vera Bradley, and L.L Bean. There’s also an extremely conspicuous shoe trend, which I know that every student is at least aware of. A lot, and I mean A LOT of people wear Sperrys. While I personally don’t like them, clearly  a bunch of other OC students do, since I see them in various colors, patterns, and designs, everywhere that I go.

Prior to attending Oakland Catholic, I went to public school.  Let’s just say that public school, at least from my experience, was very different from life at OC. For one, my public school had horrible lunches. When I walked through the lunch line at OC for the first time, I was genuinely shocked. Here, we actually have real food that people actually want to eat and at reasonable prices, too! Also, the teachers are better here, in my opinion. Previously, I have had teachers that would curse at students in class, which consequently made the students feel entitled to curse. I can tell that none of the teachers here would do that. Also, I appreciate that Oakland Catholic cares so much about learning, since I love to learn. I seemingly could go on forever when discussing the differences between Oakland Catholic and the public school I went to, but that would get boring.

Let’s just say that so far, Oakland Catholic has been much better in every singly way! Even with all of the craziness that transpired throughout the first few weeks, I can already tell Oakland Catholic is a great school that most importantly cares a lot about education and the students.