Meet the Executive Board: Everything You Did (And Maybe Didn’t) Know About the Girls in Charge

Victoria Albacete, Staff Writer '14

Welcome to the OC 2013-14 school year! As you may or may not know (you should!), here at Oakland, we have a Student Council Executive Board to run things, the Council to rule them all (although not to find, bring, or bind them…Lord of the Rings, anyone?). While being part of this ultra-exclusive, student-elected board may sound glamorous, these five ladies put in tons of work to make everyone’s school year as interesting and fun as possible. Each deserves huge thanks for being so gracious about answering the interview questions!

First, we have the Empress of the Executive Board Meetings, Speaker of the School, and Positive Role Model for the OC Student Body – President Emma Anselmo! Emma is a senior and has attended OC for all four years. She was elected to the presidency last spring, running against Ally Ayoob. Emma is an accomplished Varsity athlete, running with both the cross country and indoor track teams. She also plays lacrosse and is a Student Ambassador. When she happens to find a free moment in her hectic schedule, Emma enjoys playing the violin (which most of us have heard her play – she’s fantastic!) and watching “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix. She admits that her secret addiction is Just Dance 2, and if she could go anywhere in the world, she’d travel to “the Great Wall of China with McNult” (isn’t that everyone’s dream?!). Finally, the two adjectives that most of Emma’s friends would use to describe her are outgoing and enthusiastic.

The next member of the Executive Board hierarchy is Vice President Maria DeIuliis! This sweet, petite senior girl is, according to her friends, best described by the words talkative and bubbly. Maria’s responsibilities as VP include not changing her name to True Jackson, typing meeting agendas, helping to run meetings, and making sure everyone has the most enjoyable year possible. At OC, she’s an active member of the Guatemala Club and is also a Student Ambassador. Maria says that her favorite color is blue, but not just any blue: “Sleeping Beauty’s dress blue. It’s a very distinct blue.” When she’s bored, Maria likes to read and watch movies and cheesy sitcoms. She prefers snow cones over funnel cakes and would love to take her family and especially her grandmother to Guatemala. “It’s just such a special place and I really want them to experience it.”

Next, she’s a lean, mean writing machine – it’s Secretary Mara Wearden! As Secretary, senior Mara takes notes and attendance at council meetings and is also in charge of the dance committee, so you can directly thank her for helping to organize our fantastic school dances! Mara is incredibly active within the school community – highlights include positions as an editor for the OC Eagle Eye, senior captain of the Varsity tennis team, Eucharistic Minister, and member of the Sister Class Committee. In her insanely little free time, Mara loves to catch up on sleep and eat her favorite snack: Goldfish! She admits that if she could go anywhere in the world, she’d go to “Italy with my mom….or future husband.” Well, he’d better appreciate you just as much as we do! Mara’s friends say that the best words to describe her are friendly and funny.

As described by her friends, classy and confident Megan Christ is our savvy Treasurer! Megan is in charge not only of Student Council finances but also acts as head of the Fundraising Committee. Megan is a member of the Cancer Awareness club, Italian club, and Campus Ministry, in addition to being a Student Ambassador. Megan likes to go on road trips in her free time, and her favorite color is green, though on Wednesdays she wears pink (Mean Girls for the win!). This sassy blonde would love to visit Ireland one day with her grandmother, and she admits that her life would be complete if only: “a wizard fell from the sky to do all my college applications.”

Last but not least, the brave lone junior on the Executive Board is Historian Abbe Richards! Abbe creatively decorates the Student Council Bulletin Board near the cafeteria and documents school events to put in a huge end of the year slideshow. Abbe spends most of her time after school with the soccer team, Chinese club, and the Sister Class Committee. In fact, she likes soccer so much that she plays it in her free time, along with hanging out with friends and playing her guitar. Abbe can’t wait to take a group of her friends backpacking across Europe and would love, á la Harry Potter, to have an Invisibility Cloak. She thinks funnel cake is way better than snow cones, and her friends say that she is incredibly dedicated and energetic.

The first event that these fabulous five ladies arranged was the fantastic school picnic on the first official Friday of school! Not only was it a great way for upperclassmen to reconnect with friends but also for the freshmen to meet the rest of the student body in a more casual setting. From the Gong Show to painting cool and funky designs on each other’s faces to sharing tons of Judy’s delicious cookies, the entire afternoon was a smashing success! I personally can’t wait for the next Executive Board-organized event!