The Oakland Catholic Science Club

Alayna Yates '15, Staff Writer

Oakland Catholic Science Club is a new and innovative club designed to inform Oakland Catholic students about careers in the field, engage them in hands on activities, and expose its members to scientific resources in their communities.  As President of the club, it’s my job to present members with unique opportunities to grow in their knowledge of science across the board.  I could not achieve this without the help of my trusted board members, Julia Ruggiero and Tia Calabrese.  Tia, our Vice President, helps me plan fun activities for our members to participate in during meetings including: experimenting, and discussing theories, and contacting people to come and speak to us during the school year.  Julia, our Social Event Planner, schedules all of our trips and is in charge of planning fundraisers to raise money for the club. Our moderator, Mr. Huber, gives the members good insight into unconventional careers for students interested in math and science, and conducts tons of cool and creative experiments and demonstrations for us. Mr. Graner also frequently attends meetings, and provides many interesting explanations and brings a unique perspective to every discussion.

Science club usually meets twice a month, and at meetings we always conduct an experiment and discuss current events in the various fields of science.  This year for some of our meetings we are trying to contact people who specialize in different areas related to science and have them speak to us.  All throughout this year we will be planning fun trips to help all of us grow in our science abilities. Anyone can participate in these excursions during the school year, even if they haven’t formally joined the club. We will be going to places like the Observatory, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Phipps Conservatory, etc.  As we did last year, this year we plan have t-shirts made with our official science club logo designed by professional graphic artist Brian Super.

Although we try very hard to keep the cost of each field trip at a minimum, many small trips add up to a big amount. This semester we are going to fundraise money for the club by selling bracelets.  The bracelets with beads will be three dollars, and the bracelets without beads will be 2 dollars.  All of these bracelets will be completely original, no two are alike. The money we raise will be used to lower field trip costs for our members and buy new materials to widen our range of possible experiments. We would greatly appreciate as much participation as possible from within and outside of our school community.

Science Club is a great club to join if you are interested in any specific area of science, you love it all, or you’re just looking for some fun.  If you have any questions, please send us an email at [email protected] or like us on Facebook at OCSC.  New members are always welcome throughout the school year, and can join at any time!