Benevenuta, Signorina Hudock!

Benevenuta, Signorina Hudock!

Marielle Gleason ’16, Staff Writer

Upon entering Ms. Hudock’s room to conduct the interview, I immediately noticed boxes

of what I soon learned to be freshly baked sfogliatelles (a spongy Italian pastry) and hot coffee

stacked in the back of the room. “My Italian One students don’t realize that breakfast in Italy

isn’t eggs and bacon,” she explained with a chuckle.


Ms. Hudock, a brand new teacher this year, not only teaches Italian 1 through AP, but

moderates the Italian club, film club, and Today’s Girls, Tomorrow’s Women, a new club

centered around building confidence in women. A former Oakland Catholic student, she

graduated from OC in 2009 and matriculated into Duquesne University, where she majored in

Italian and international communications and minored in marketing. When asked how it felt to

be on the other side of the classroom, she remarked that it was “good to see things in a different

light”. Ms. Hudock is “excited to get the opportunity to inspire students the way [she] was

inspired.” When asked what she was most excited about this year, she quickly replied that the

girls’ enthusiasm and being back at Oakland are what she is looking forward to the most.


Since she has been here Oakland has changed quite a bit. Ms. Hudock has admired the J

Building renovations, as well as noted the less-strict shoe policy, lunch money being added to

key cards, and the addition of more technology. But there are always some good things that

never change like “Judy’s cookies, [which] are still the same.” Well some change is always

necessary, so we welcome Ms. Hudock, who has already been a fantastic addition to Oakland

Catholic, back with excitement for what’s to come!