Girl Rising

Emma Hoover, Staff Writer '17

Girl Rising is a documentary-style film that is starting a movement around the world.  This film shares the stories of nine girls in developing countries who struggle to rise above their impoverishment and societal limitations in order to become educated women.

Attaining an education is the only way to overcome such devastating poverty.  Countries stricken with such destitution typically have very strict social customs, which only allow for boys to attend school, since women are meant to perform household chores and raise children.  Therefore, with only half of the population going to school, there is no viable way for girls to rise above these injustices to affect change.

There are currently over sixty-two million girls around the world who are denied their right to an education.  Girl Rising tries to give young women the ability and courage to stand up for themselves in order to pursue their dreams.  As girls in a developed country, it is our job to make people aware of how significant this issue, which can no longer be  ignored, truly is.