Global Awareness Club

Annie Roebuck, Features Editor '15

As young women living in America, “it is extremely important for our generation to be informed about global issues, because without knowledge about the world around us, it is difficult to succeed in life and reach our full potential,” states Angela Gloninger, the founder of the Global Awareness Club.  The club, which started just this year, is raising awareness about various international current events and bringing them to the forefront of discussion within our school.

Angela explains that she has always had a passion for international relations and a strong interest in global issues. “When I came to Oakland Catholic my junior year, I soon realized that there were no prominent ‘international’ clubs. So over the summer, with the help of Ms. McNulty and Mrs. Fratto, I created the Global Awareness Club!” Angela believes that it is extremely important for OC students to understand and be involved in things that are happening outside of Pittsburgh and, on an even larger scale, outside of America.

Overall, the goal for this year is to establish a solid foundation for the club and to “focus on several… current global issues, increasing awareness in the student body about these problems through events that the GA Club sponsors.”  So far, Global Awareness Club has hosted one event, a preview of the documentary Girl Rising, which included an international buffet and a discussion about the film.  This first event was very successful, and the next is expected to take place shortly after Thanksgiving.

Angela emphasizes that, “by being more aware of different cultures and international current events and being informed in things that happen outside of our [own lives], we can widen our worldly perspective and have the ability to connect with others from unfamiliar backgrounds and cultures, which is especially important in our future after high school and college.”

If you are interested in learning more about Global Awareness Club, contact either Mrs. Fratto at [email protected] or Angela Gloninger at  [email protected]