Meet Dorrie Donahue!

Cassidy McDonnell, Staff Writer '15

She’s in our classrooms, at our lunch tables, in our hallways, on our retreats; Ms. Dorrie Donahue is an ever-present light shining at Oakland Catholic.  Although we all know and love her, I’m sure there are more than a few of us who are not completely sure of her exact role at the school.

Officially, Dorrie, is the Director of Mission Integration, who is here to “promote the meaning behind the existence of the school;” which means she is here to support us and encourage us to be our best.  Oakland Catholic’s mission focuses on spirituality, scholarship, and service, and as Director of Mission Integration, Dorrie has the opportunity to help mold the “bookends” (spirituality and service) of this mission.

She performs this job through a variety of means because, as she emphasizes, each girl is unique and lives out her faith differently.  She connects with the students through visiting religion classes, leading retreats and mission trips, connecting with girls one-on-one and in groups, and leading a Bible study.

Since her start at Oakland Catholic, Dorrie has participated in several mission trips including trips to Washington, D.C. and Guatemala, and has jumpstarted two others: New York City and Jamaica.  She believes that missions are a major part of the essence of Oakland Catholic.

“During mission trips, the girls learn to love through service, and that is what this school is all about,” she explains.  All of her work here at OC relates back to the school’s mission statement and how important service is to the formation of young women.  Through the work the girls do for others, they are able to deepen their relationships with God and one another to help create a more Christ-centered community.

As Director of Mission Integration, Dorrie loves having the opportunity to help all students achieve their highest potential, not just academically, but spiritually through service in order to become “responsible and respected global leaders.”