Ms. Marsico Opens up to OC Eagle Eye!

Tori Trost, Staff Writer '15

Although Oakland’s most beloved Com Skills teacher has decided to retire, Ms. Marsico is staying a part of the Oakland Catholic community by substituting regularly. One of these days while she was subbing for Mr. Zuri, she agreed to discuss her career as a teacher and her well deserved retirement with me.


Eagle Eye: Which subjects have you taught and for how long?

Ms. Marsico: Only English, my major was English for 44 years.


EE: Where did you go to school?

MM: I went to the College of Steubenville (Franciscan University).


EE: How many years did you teach at Oakland?

MM: 24 years.


EE: What do you miss the most about being a full-time teacher?

MM: I miss the daily interactions with the students and with my colleagues. I don’t miss all of the endless nights of work.


EE: What was your favorite event or activity at Oakland that you’ll miss the most?

MM: Kairos retreats.  I always liked the school picnic, any class masses, and days of adoration — the spiritual part of the school, I guess.


EE: What was the biggest influence on your choice to retire?

MM: I think it was God … all of a sudden we were given offers to retire here in the diocese and I didn’t find out about that until the first day of final exams and I had 2 weeks to make up my mind. So I quickly continued to pray about it. The more I pondered it, I thought ‘this would be the nice thing to do’. I still love teaching and I always wanted to retire when I still enjoyed it. I never wanted to leave on a sad note, I wanted to leave knowing that I loved it and cared enough about my students to teach them. I also thought that if the Pope can retire, so can I!  I thought, for some reason, God wants me to retire right now. So I put my faith in God and took the leap!


EE: What do you do with all of your spare time now?

MM: I’m very active in my church as a Eucharistic minister, I attend daily mass and I take communion to the sick on Sundays. That takes about 3 hours of my time so I’m still doing alot spiritually.  I also wanted to be diverse in my activities, so I’m now doing exercise with all old people!  It’s called Silver Sneakers, it’s basic aerobic exercising but it’s really funny seeing these little old people. I look like a kid next to them! But they’re very sweet. So that’s fun!  And I also joined our church meditation group and we meet every Wednesday morning at 7:00. Its nice that I can go to the store and buy basic foods, because I’m a very basic cook, and actually sit down and enjoy a meal without rushing. I think God wanted me to rest.


EE: Do you have any ‘bucket list’ activities that you now want to do since you have time?

MM: No, not anything specific other than what I told you, but I’m open. And I want to be diverse, I don’t want to be all church work or all gardening, I want to try and spread my wings. I think God is preparing me for something else though, and I don’t know what it might be. I don’t want to make any major commitments; I’m still looking and it’ll come.


EE: What do you hope your legacy is here at Oakland?

MM: The whole time while I was teaching I always prayed that I was a good person and a good teacher, but a good teacher is different for everyone. I think I was prepared for all of my classes and I did the best that I could do. But I always felt that it was important for me to make them [students] feel comfortable in the environment, that’s why I always decorated and had my plants. I wanted them to think that this was a nice place to be. I would like all of you to remember me as a person who respected people generally.  I think I respected life and I always wanted to be a good example to my students by how I dressed and how I acted. So I guess that’s my legacy, to show that I can be  a comforting and understanding person.