Art History Club

Marielle Gleason '16, Staff Writer

Interested in art, history, or possibly a combination of the two? Headed and created by President Lucy Johnston and Vice President Julia Morgano, Art History Club had its first meeting this September, “We realized we both had a strong interest in art (and its history). We also recognized that there weren’t any other clubs at OC regarding art, and decided we should take it upon ourselves to change that.”

Since there can be some confusion as to what art history entails, the subject is essentially the exploration of how the circumstances of art –– the time period in which it was made, the artist’s personal life, etc. –– shape it. It also involves the study of the major artistic movements that characterize a certain time period. Lucy and Julia cite impressionism, post-modernism, and the Renaissance as some of their favorites. Mentioning the Renaissance “since the artwork shifted from being very flat to showing perspective, dimension, and life in its subjects.” But the club isn’t limited to appreciating the classics. “Both of us really love modern art as well, such as Jeff Koons, Edward Hopper, and Roy Lichtenstein.”

One of the activities the club has planned is screening films and documentaries centered around works of art and artists’ lives (if you enjoyed/enjoy Mrs. Gentile’s Music Appreciation class, you’ll probably remember Wendy, irreverent nun and art enthusiast). The club also hopes to take advantage of what there is to explore locally. “Since Pittsburgh has such a strong arts scene, we really hope to be able to visit the museums in the area, like the Carnegie and the Warhol.”

Art History Club is a great opportunity for art lovers, but it has something to offer for everyone, even those that are just curious. “It’s a great chance to either discuss art you already love, or learn something new. Museums are pretty cool too.” One final message from Lucy and Julia: “JOIN THE CLUB! We always have food.”