Mr. Kornosky Goes Global with People to People


Vanessa Vogel '16, Staff Writer

“People to People is a student ambassador program where students from around the country group together and go to countries around the world in order to build a cultural understanding through travel and academics,” says Oakland Catholic’s very own Mr. Kornosky; This definition serves as an accurate description of the travel program, People to People.

Mr. Kornosky is currently a leader for People to People. He got involved by being selected by another OC teacher, George Rudolph, who was the area director for the program. As of right now, Mr. K has been on two trips with People to People. The first was a trip in 2013 to Europe, which included France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. The second was in 2014 to Australia. According to Mr. K, the Europe trip was museum based, whereas the Australia trip was activity based. When asked which was his favorite, Mr. Kornosky had a tough time deciding. On one hand, the Europe trip was more valuable to him as a teacher because he saw everything he teaches about in class. On the other, the Australia trip allowed for new experiences by doing things he would not have done otherwise, such as going scuba diving on The Great Barrier Reef, and propelling down a mountain.

People to People isn’t just for travel, it’s also, as can be inferred from its name, for meeting new people!  Mr. K’s favorite part of People to People is sharing travel with others who will understand and appreciate it as much as he does. He says that meeting new people, especially the locals, is very rewarding and creates strong bonds.

Interested in a summer full of travel with People to People? The trips are around three weeks long and range from $4,500-$8,000, depending on destination, itinerary, and length. This price includes meals, housing, and transportation. In addition to experiencing foreign countries, you can receive academic credit for going on a trip!

The acceptance process, as explained by Mr. Kornosky, can be broken down into a few simple parts. The first is nomination. An interested student can be nominated in three ways: by a teacher/educator, by a friend who has traveled with People to People, or by going to an information meeting. After being nominated, the applicant must submit three letters of recommendation, have an interview with a leader, and be in current academic participation. Once that stage is completed, the next six months will consist of going to orientations and other informational meetings. The whole process from nomination to acceptance takes about a year. The location for the 2015 trip is to Greece, Sicily, and Italy, so sign up today! Mr. Kornosky says, “I recommend People to People and any other program that allows you to travel. Whether it’s People to People, a school trip, or a family vacation, anything that gets you out of your regular environment is worth going on.”