Welcome Back, Ms. Jefferies!

Photo Courtesy of Oakland Catholic

Photo Courtesy of Oakland Catholic

Kathryn Daigle '17, Staff Writer

As the new school year begins, there are, as always, new names and faces around Oakland Catholic. But these newcomers are not only students; there are many new teachers at OC this year. Among these new faces is Ms. Jefferies.

Ms. Jefferies is among the teachers that graduated from OC and came back to teach. She is “simply ecstatic to be back.” After graduating, Ms. Jefferies went on to St. John’s college in Maryland and later graduated with a major in liberal arts. When asked why she teaches English, she said that “literature and reading offer an escape to different places and also an opportunity to learn about different cultures and countries that you could have never otherwise explored.” Ms. Jefferies loved the education she received here and said that “[s]he wanted to teach in a school where there is an emphasis on scholarship and spirituality.” During her years at Oakland, Ms. Jefferies was very involved in Chamber Singers and Masque. Many people are surprised at her background in performance, since she appears to be a calm, quiet woman.

Coming back after 6 years of being away, Ms. Jefferies has seen major changes in Oakland Catholic. Since she left, the Joan of Arc building has been renovated and computers have been introduced.  She said she loves being able to walk through the halls of Oakland Catholic again to see just what a great education does for young women. Welcome the teaching staff, Ms. Jefferies!  We’re happy to have you back!