Hello, Ms. Sirockman!

Eva Lucchino '15, Editor-in-Chief

Ms. Sirockman, an OC alum, is back and teaching biology and bioinformatics!  Although she couldn’t easily find her room on the first day (because the school has changed so much) she is happy to be back at OC.  She majored in biology at Carlow; the program that she participated in allowed for her to learn at UPMC as well.  While at UPMC she learned about perfusion technology.  Ms. Sirockman’s father, who teaches at Central Catholic tried to prevent her from teaching, but after working in the field she soon discovered that she wished to be a teacher.  She then went to Carlow for her master’s degree in secondary education.  Now, she’s at OC again.

As a high schooler she loved science and took every opportunity she could to get involved with science because she had found great mentors in Mr. Krotec and Mrs. Benedik and loved PJAS.  Not only did she love science, but she also enjoyed world history with Ms. McNulty, which was her favorite class, and psychology with Ms. Lehman.

Ms. Sirockman is extremely excited to be working at Oakland and has been enjoying teaching all of her classes.  Of her AP Biology students, she says that the girls are “excited to learn,” which is wonderful to have as a teacher.  She also has a senior homeroom that is lots of fun as well.  Fun Fact: Before she came to work at Oakland, she worked at Central in the sciences and maths.  She will not say that she likes us OC gals better than the Central boys, but really, is it even a contest?  Welcome back to OC, Ms. Sirockman!