Introducing Ms. Dadig!

Molly DeFillipo '17, Features Editor

When you walk into the Guidance Office Ms. Dadig is now there to greet you. Ms. Dadig is Oakland Catholic’s new Guidance Coordinator. She helps assist our three Guidance Counselors with scheduling, students, and more.  She is responsible for scheduling college visits, answering the phone, and responding to and sending mails and emails.

One of Ms. Dadig’s favorite parts of her job is interacting with the OC student body. “Working at an all girls school is great!  I can’t wait to get to know each girl individually in the upcoming years, but I’m disappointed I don’t have more years to interact with this years senior class” said Ms. Dadig.  Ms. Dadig admits to being a little nervous starting here, but says that the OC students and faculty have been very welcoming and feels like its one big family here at OC. She feels like she is finally getting a hold of the job, but cannot wait to be more efficient and “learning all the students names.” We are so glad to have you here at OC Ms. Dadig!