First Christmases as College Freshmen – An OC Alumnae Tale

Caroline Albacete '17, Arts and Entertainment Editor

For some alumnae, college is better and worse than the lives they led here at OC.  College is awesome because of the independence, of course, but OC was the place to be for a group of tightly knit friends. College is a lot harder, course-wise, but maybe that’s a good thing. College is, college is, college is….

After a harrowing first semester, several OC alumnae are glad to be back at home for Christmas break. Sharing their thoughts and visiting high school friends was one of the nicest things to do over break, though luckily, break also turned out to be relaxing, with fewer parties to attend than last year. For the alumnae who miss OC, the biggest difference between high school and college was that college is basically, to quote, “your life,” while high school was a only a part of your life. So far, college life seems to suit most OC alumnae pretty well, and while they’re not all hyped to head back after a nice long break, they are happy they aren’t facing midterms. Instead, they can go back excited for a new semester and new courses.

Though college isn’t exactly what some OC alumnae were expecting, they do really enjoy it and are mostly glad to be heading back. They do miss OC, though, and wish all of us here good luck in our second semester!


Contributions by: Victoria Albacete and co. (Class of 2014)