Goodbye, Mrs. Heeter!

Eva Lucchino ‘15, Editor-in-Chief

On January 9th, Mrs. Heeter left Oakland Catholic to move to Massachusetts with her husband, who has started a new job.  Although it is a sad fact for all of her students, everyone is happy for Mrs. Heeter and her husband.  Mrs. Heeter’s former students include those in Honors Chemistry I, Honors Chemistry II, and CE Chemistry.

Many students loved and enjoyed chemistry because of her teaching style and knowledge of the subject.  The labs, although stressful, were a great learning experience, and one could always expect to have one come lab day.  Some of the most memorable topics of Honors Chemistry I are stoichiometry (also known as stoich), the flame test lab with all its pretty colors, and titrations (Mrs. Heeter’s favorite type of lab!).  Good luck with everything, and farewell, Mrs. Heeter!