The Global Competence Initiative Book Club

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Grace Doerfler '18, Maggie Leone '17, and Kelsey Locante '17, Staff Writer, Sports Editor, and Staff Writer

The Global Competence Initiative, headed by Ms. McNulty, is a group intended to help participants become “globally aware and culturally fluent.” As part of the program, we were given the opportunity to join the GCI Book Club. In the club, we read Little Princes, by Conor Grennan, the story of the lost children of Nepal and Grennan’s quest to reunite them with their families.

In Nepal, political unrest causes many impoverished families to seek safety for their children by paying exorbitant prices in exchange for a haven for their children. However, an unfortunate number of the people taking the money are actually child traffickers. The parents believe that their children are sheltered and out of harm’s way, but in fact, the children’s lives are still at risk. Grennan traveled to Nepal completely unaware of the trauma innocent boys and girls were undergoing, but he had scarcely arrived before he became determined to help the lost children find their ways back home.

Grennan’s courageous manner expertly illustrated the selfless nature teenagers today should learn to adopt as their own.  He continued to immerse himself in the unfamiliar Nepalese culture in order to reunite helpless children with their families.  Grennan realized how to do the best he could in strange surroundings, deeply affecting the lives of the little ones he helped.

As part of the book group, participants held discussions both online (on Edmodo) and face-to-face about the choices Grennan made, how life in Nepal compares to life in the United States, and why Grennan was so deeply affected by the children he met.

Currently, Ms. McNulty plans to offer the GCI Book Group once a year. It is available to any sophomore or freshman who has joined GCI and is interested. The book Ms. McNulty chooses is one that she believes will help give the students a chance to experience the different cultures of the people with whom we share the world.