Jamaica Mission Trip

Marley Shovlin ‘15, Staff Writer

On February 10th, twenty-six Oakland Catholic girls, along with Dorrie Donahue and Mara Totten, departed for a week of mission work in Kingston, Jamaica, where we had the opportunity to experience the love of primary school children, orphans, and kids and adults who face mental and physical disabilities. On top of helping the people and being exposed to the Jamaican culture, we also grew closer as an OC community. The organization we travelled with was called Praying Pelicans Missions, which has both American and Jamaican employees who led the trip and helped us have the best experience.

At the primary school, we had the opportunity of teaching and playing with children aged three to six. We brought many supplies, including reading books and workbooks, but our favorite was the finger painting! Activities that we planned included puzzle solving and craft making. We are so thankful to the faculty of Christ the King primary school for being so warm and accepting to us, but we were more thankful to the kids for the fun and amazing time they gave us.

After working at the school for a few hours in the morning, we would then go to the Jamaica National Children’s Home, which is home to orphans of all ages. Each girl was able to bond with one or two children there, learning more about him or her and expressing and receiving love. Across the street from the orphanage was the Tegwyn Center, home to mentally or physically disabled persons of all ages. We spent time with the special people there, talking, singing and dancing with all of them.

We also had the opportunity to do work with the Missionaries of the Poor, where we went to certain centers that housed and cared for people who could not care for themselves, and many of the girls believed that this was the most moving part of the entire trip. What we were exposed to in these centers stuck with many of us. When we met at the end of this day, Dorrie said, “We were in the presence of angels today,” and we all believed her.

The Jamaican Mission Trip has touched so many people, and the girls who went really want to bring what we learned back home. We plan to create a Jamaican Mission Trip Club, which could plan for future trips so more and more OC girls can have this amazing experience.

I speak on behalf of the entire club when I say we will remember this experience forever. Thank you to all who made this trip possible!

For more information about what we did, please visit http://www.prayingpelicanmissions.org/journals?tripid=4706