Welcome, Mr. Trent!

Eva Lucchino '15, Editor-in-Chief

Oakland Catholic has a new chemistry teacher, Mr. Trent!  Mr. Trent teaches Honors Chemistry I, Honors Chemistry II, and CE Chemistry.  Mr. Trent says that his interest in the sciences was piqued by the achievements of early medicine and scientists, like Louis Pasteur, Fred Koch, Joseph Lister, etc.  His first science love is biology, so he majored in that while at Clarion University, but he minored in Chemistry as well.  He received his masters in teaching from Pitt.

Surprisingly, Mr. Trent wasn’t always a teacher.  He first worked in Quality Control for Volkswagen of America and was the Quality Control Director of a company the produced products used in tissue culture research.  He was called to teaching at a late age, but he loves it, most especially “sharing information with students”.  He says that he is enjoying Oakland and that “the students are fantastic!”  Glad that you like it here, and enjoy the rest of the year!