A Summer of Science: Volunteering at the Carnegie Science Center

Annie Trainer '18, Staff Writer

Who doesn’t love visiting the Carnegie Science Center (CSC)? Now imagine how fun it would be to work there. This past summer, I donned a red vest, the official uniform of employees and volunteers, and volunteered at CSC, and I can tell you that it’s a ton of fun.

My first day on the job was my “play day”, where I got to explore the Science Center and see any shows that struck my fancy. I took advantage of the discounted omnimax snacks for volunteers and saw a movie. However, volunteering at CSC isn’t all fun and games. Well, actually… it pretty much is.

Because I was part of the Interactive Exhibits team, I got to be out on the exhibit floors and interact with visitors. I performed different demos for kids. One of my favorites was Thin Films. In this demonstration I showed visitors how to make a drawing iridescent using clear nail polish. In another demo, called Kapla Blocks, the ceiling is the limit for what anyone can build. Just be sure not to bump the table lest the blocks tumble over!

I also learned about all the different Robots in Robo World and how to reset them if they malfunctioned. My favorite Robot was by far was ProBot. This little robot is shaped like a car and can be programmed to draw different things using simple geometry skills. I programmed it to draw a sailboat and an octopus.

Overall, the volunteering at the Carnegie Science Center was a great experience. Everyone there is nice and approachable and works hard to make CSC the wonderful place it is. I learned a lot, and cannot wait to volunteer there again next summer!

If you’re interested in becoming a teen volunteer at the Carnegie Science Center, visit their website at http://www.carnegiesciencecenter.org/join/teen-volunteers/.