Welcome Back Lu 老师!

Molly DeFilippo '17, News Editor

Mrs. Goodman, or as the Chinese students call her, Lu老师, has returned this year after leaving to go back to school to get her Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. Lu老师 wanted to come back to OC because she enjoyed the challenge of teaching Chinese and she likes seeing the program she started continue and progress. Mrs. Goodman says that the hardest part about teaching Chinese is trying to find things that students can relate to between Chinese and English. She has found that students either think the language is fun and interesting or too difficult to pursue.

Mrs. Goodman is very excited to be back at OC. She says, “I like teaching girls in Oakland Catholic.  I get to see students’ progress.  The students taking Chinese classes know what they are getting into, they want to work hard, and learn something might be really beneficial to them in the future.”

One of the biggest changes Lu老师 sees at OC is the ability to submit attendance online and the greater number of students that are aware of the benefits of learning the Chinese language. This summer, Lu老师 will be taking at least fifteen girls from the Chinese Club to China. “Students will get to experience what they heard/learned about China in person. Going on a trip with high school friends might be the best memory someone will ever have in life. Being in China may help someone discover what she wants to learn in college,” she says.