Hello, Mrs. DePasquale!

Grace Doerfler '18, News Editor

If you slump onto your desk at the mention of an in-class essay or cry into your cardigan over a list of historical figures, Mrs. DePasquale is here to rescue you! She is the new academic support specialist, providing help to students in the subjects of English, social studies, and religion. “In addition to developing and implementing various learning styles,” Mrs. DePasquale explains, “we work on improving organizational skills and studying skills and preparing for exams.” She can be found in the Academic Resource Center, where she will greet you with a smile and offer help.

Outside of the ARC, Mrs. DePasquale is a busy woman. She has three children at home, and their family keeps four chickens. Before heading out the door in the mornings, she packs a lunch—usually a sandwich and fruit—then starts another active day at Oakland Catholic. In the evenings, Mrs. DePasquale sometimes reserves a table at China Palace in Wexford, where she enjoys shrimp Grand Marnier.

This is the first time that Mrs. DePasquale has worked in an all-girls’ high school, and so far she loves OC. She is happy to be here, and students are grateful for her friendly support. Welcome, Mrs. DePasquale!