Meet Mrs. Greco!


Courtesy of Mrs. Greco

Molly DeFilippo '17, News Editor

Meet Mrs. Greco, the new assistant principal. Mrs. Greco was previously a principal at Highland High School, and she taught second and fourth grade for ten years before being called to serve as a principal. Coming to Oakland Catholic is a completely different experience for Mrs. Greco, as switching from a high school of about 900 students to Oakland Catholic, which has about 600 students, feels like a big adjustment. “Everyday’s a new adventure,” said Mrs. Greco in response to how she feels about the switch. She admitted to feeling a little nervous about coming to OC because everything was a “first” for her and she didn’t want to let anyone down.

Although Mrs. Greco isn’t in the classroom anymore, she still considers herself to be an educator. She says she was inspired to teach because of her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Raymond. When asked about her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Greco replied, “She had a kind, gentle spirit that has stuck with me for many years”.

One of Mrs. Greco’s favorite parts about OC is the availability to technology. She describes herself as a “techie” and thinks that technology is imperative to have in schools today. Mrs. Greco believes that every student having a MacBook is preparing them for the future and teaching them twenty-first century skills.

When Mrs. Greco isn’t in school, she likes take walks and spend time with her husband and dog, Grizzly. Mrs. Greco is also a huge fan of the Pirates, and she holds season tickets to the Pirates games and attends as many games as she can.

Mrs. Greco describes her position at OC as her “dream job” and she is proud to say that she is an administrator at Oakland Catholic High School. One of Mrs. Greco’s goals is to get to know the student body more closely. Mrs. Greco thinks OC’s all-girl aspect provides a powerful environment and has the best opportunities for young women today.