Meet Ms. Blackmond!

Grace Doerfler '18, News Editor

       Ms. Blackmond has just joined the Oakland Catholic community, and she has so far enjoyed teaching in an all-girls high school. This year, she offers classes in personal finance, Introduction to Java, and AP Computer Science. Girls who take these classes now recognize Ms. Blackmond as a familiar face; however, for girls who haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet Ms. Blackmond, a little bit of information about this new teacher may be helpful.

     Daring diners at Oakland will find a kindred spirit in Ms. Blackmond. She has an adventurous palate, with a taste for Szechuan cooking. She frequently enjoys sampling stir fry and curries for lunch. For dinner, she loves eating melt-in-your-mouth pork steamed buns at Noodlehead, a Thai restaurant in Shadyside. Breakfast is just as important: an egg muffin with bacon and cheese is a perfect morning meal, in Ms. Blackmond’s opinion.

      Although Ms. Blackmond is a fearless restaurant-goer who will not hesitate to try something new,, her movie tastes are more subdued. She cringes at the mention of Freddy Krueger and any other horror movie, preferring Pixar’s animated favorites like Toy Story and Inside Out.

     Ms. Blackmond is eager to get to know the OC student body. Next time you see her in the halls, ask her if she’s been to Lulu’s lately or perhaps ask her to give you a movie recommendation. We are very excited to welcome Ms. Blackmond to Oakland Catholic!