Mr. S…. pectacular!

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Megan Morrone '16, Sports Editor

Our freshmen, the class of 2019, aren’t the only new people to the Oakland Catholic atmosphere, as OC has recently gained a great number of new teachers as well. One of the many new faces entering Oakland Catholic this year is the new physics teacher, Mr. Sendgikoski, who is more commonly known as Mr. S.

     Mr. S takes pride in his students and has jumped right on board with all of the fun activities that Oakland Catholic has to offer. For example, he teaches swing and salsa dance lessons on some Collaborative Community Wednesdays. He showed the entire school his passion for dance recently at the annual school picnic and impressed everyone with his skills, as well as melting the hearts of every student, freshman and senior alike, when he sang with Madame Valescant.

     Furthermore, as one of the senior classes homeroom teachers, and one of the junior physics teachers, Mr. S never falls short of making their school day a little brighter. Mr. S, thank you for all of the smiles and knowledge that you have bestowed upon your students thus far. Welcome to Oakland Catholic High School!