The Cons of Summer Reading


Courtesy of Summer Reading

Maggie Leone '17, Sports Editor

    I think summer reading assignments do more harm than good to a student.  Personally, summer reading has a negative effect on me.  I would read much more if I were able to choose my own books.

   I read two personal books during the summer and I finished both over the span of three days. However, the four books I had to read for school took me a few weeks per book.  Then, once I factored in all the writing assignments that went with the books, I realized that summer had disappeared amongst a flurry of school books.  

   I understand that our teachers want their students to stay sharp over the break and read, but in my opinion, summer reading and the assignments take most of the fun out of reading.  My favorite part about starting new books is going to the bookstore and browsing the shelves for an hour or so, and that experience is lost when you know (and dread) what school books you need.  

   I love getting books – but I also like choosing what I get to read.  I wish that teachers would just assign a number – a quota of books that we have to read.  I would much rather be told, “Read any fifteen books this summer. Have fun” then, “Read these three books and find quotes explaining the author’s purpose.”  Reading for fun is one of my favorite hobbies, and I would just like to do it more.