Run, Lauren, Run!

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Kathryn Daigle, Assistant Editor


As you might have heard from the announcements, Lauren Finikiotis is ripping it up on the cross-country trails. She has won the Central Invitational, the Catholic Championships, the McDowell Invitational, the Altoona Invitational and the Red, White, and Blue Invitational. I repeat, she won, meaning that she was the fastest runner out of every girl there, hitting the tape first and crossing the finish line before anyone else got even close to it. We have a star in our midst.

But why Cross Country? I’m sure that every coach of every team at Oakland Catholic would die to have someone this fast on their team. Yet Lauren sticks to straight running. Why? Well, she loves the aspects of it. To spend time in the great outdoors is very therapeutic for her. Lauren also loves the team and the chance that they have to encourage and support one another. She says, “I would not have achieved the success that I have if I didn’t have them by my side. We jam out to anything from Disney princess songs to Taylor Swift before races to get excited. With running, it is not always easy to stay positive when you are doing hard workouts, so we really try to joke around and cheer each other. You get better and faster by putting in more work and more mileage, so it is very individual, but what makes the difference between a team and just individual is that we put in the work together and boast each other up. My team is more like a family to me.”

Lauren looks forward to WPIALS and to States. Much farther ahead, however, she hopefully sees herself running at a college level. Looking back, she is happy with her decision to run in high school. After using cross-country as a way to get into shape for soccer season, Lauren had to choose between soccer and running as she entered high school. She is very content to be on the cross- country team. “I love running, because it makes me feel free and it’s a time for me to clear my head. I can go out on a fall day and I don’t even feel like I’m running after a few minutes.”

As for seeing herself in the newspapers as a high achieving athlete, Lauren says that it feels kind of weird. “I remember reading different articles about varies other runners in WPIAL and looking up to them, so it feels weird to be in that place now.”

There is no doubt as to whether or not Lauren Finikiotis will do amazingly at Regionals and WPIALS. Good Luck, Lauren and Great Job!!