Money Saving Tips


Molly DeFilippo '17, News Editor

      During the holiday season, you are most likely doing more spending than saving. It is important to remember that there are many easy ways to save money when you are gift giving and spending money on holiday entertainment. This year, consumers are expected to spend an estimated $3 billion online during the holiday season. Here are some great money saving tips that everyone can utilize during this next month.


  1. Suggest a Secret Santa.

      If you a have group of close friends that you would normally buy a gift for each one of them, suggest a Secret Santa. A Secret Santa lets you only buy a gift for one person without feeling guilty for not getting a gift for every single friend. This also allows you to spend a little bit more money on that person getting them something more personalized.


  1. Make a budget.

     Making a budget is an important tool during this hectic season. It is easy to lose track of how much you are spending when rushing to get everything for everyone. First, decide how much you want to spend on gifts and then split that amount up between everyone you want to buy gifts for.


  1. Make a list.

    When going out shopping it is easy to get caught up in all of the Christmas gimmicks. Make sure to make a detailed list so you can stay on track while shopping.


  1. Shop early.

       The earlier you shop, the more you’ll succeed in getting your Christmas list finished. Shopping early will allow you to potentially get better discounts. Many stores start marking down some of their items right after Halloween. If you know there is a more expensive item you want to purchase start looking early so you know you’ll get the best price.


  1. Sign-up for email lists/apps.

     Although email subscription lists are probably the most annoying thing ever, sign up for them during the holiday season. Often companies will send out e-mails about a sale that their subscribers can get early access too. If there is something you want from a certain company, it is great to receive information before anyone else. Companies will also often send out exclusive coupons that can really make a difference in your final purchase. If you don’t want these types of emails cluttering your inbox, consider setting up a Gmail dedicated to subscription emails.


  1. Use your student ID.

       Your OC student ID isn’t only good for getting in buildings and paying for lunch, but it also can get you discounts at certain stores. Although it is not advertised, when checking out ask the cashier if their store offers discount if a valid student ID is shown. Often, you can get up to 15% off your entire purchase.


  1. Take advantage of the Black Friday weekend.

      The Black Friday weekend offers some of the best deals seen all year long at some companies. With the culmination of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday you are sure to find some great deals on must-have items.


  1. Use price tracker websites.

      When shopping in stores or online, it can be time consuming and frustrating to compare prices of one item at ten different stores. When in this situation, be sure to use the websites listed below. Price tracker websites(or apps) can compare prices of items are many stores in just a few clicks. Here are some good ones:


Some apps that are also helpful are…

      1. TGIBF
      2. Buy VIA


  1. Use cash, not credit.

     When shopping in stores, try and use cash before reaching for a credit/debit card. Using cash is a simple trick that can be used anytime of the year to avoid overspending. While using a credit card is much easier, physically pulling bills out of your wallet can make you realize how much money you are actually spending and if the item is worth the amount of money.


  1. Consign gently worn clothes

     If you are planning on getting a lot of clothes for Christmas, consider cleaning out your closet and either donating your gently worn clothes to a nearby Goodwill or bring them to a consignment store where the owner will resell your old clothes and give you a portion of the money back. Consigning clothes is a good option, especially for more expensive pieces that only got a few wears.