Pride and Prejudice Interview with Maggi Richard

Giovanna Tatananni '18, Staff Writer

     I interviewed Maggi Richard on her recent role as Elizabeth Bennet in the Oakland Catholic Theater Group’s production of Pride and Prejudice. The show was a huge success and everyone I spoke to about it loved it.


Q: What role or roles did you originally try out for?

I auditioned for as many roles as I could, including Jane, Charlotte, Caroline Bingley, Lydia and Catherine.

Q:  Were you surprised to get Elizabeth?

I was absolutely surprised. I was sitting in 8th period history when I received the email. The girl sitting behind me was trying to talk to me about our assignment but I didn’t even realize until she used my name because of how shocked I was.

Q: Was the role a natural one for you, or did you have to get accustomed to playing a part?

With any given role, it would take time for any actor to develop their character just the way they want it. However, Elizabeth was a very relatable character and it felt more than natural to play her. That’s not to say that Lizzy wasn’t a huge challenge, because she was. It took a considerable amount of time for me to figure out exactly how she would act and speak because her mannerisms were so opposite what the values of the time were.

Q:  What traits do you think you and Elizabeth share?

Lizzy was kind to everyone, even people she didn’t like, but at the same time she didn’t let anyone push her around, which is especially remarkable for a woman in 1813. That’s the perfect kind of balance that I hope to strike.

Q:  Was it difficult to memorize all your lines and stage cues?

Absolutely. I brought my script to work with me and memorized on my breaks, studied my lines whenever I had a free moment during school and had my sister run lines with me on car trips, especially to and from school. The key is to find buzzwords in the phrases before that link your lines to theirs in a way you’ll remember.

Q:  If you couldn’t have been Elizabeth, what other character would you liked to have been?

I would have loved to play Mrs. Bennet. Her character is so energetic and ridiculous; it would have been so fun and a great challenge to be her. However, no one could completely encapsulate the role as well as Julia did.

Q:  What was your favorite part or parts of the play?

Honestly, my favorite scene was the one between Lizzy and Mr. Collins when he proposes to her. Or chases her around the couch, trying to force her to marry him. Hannah was so funny and quirky I could hardly keep a straight face onstage! I loved how that scene exhibited Lizzy’s true character of fighting for what she believes in with her wit and strong will. Also, slamming the door on my way out was really fun.

Q:  What was your least favorite part or parts of the play?

Honestly, the only part I didn’t like had to be taking the set apart after closing night. Striking the walls of the set just made it feel so final, closed off and over. I was really sad when it ended because I enjoyed everything else so much.

Q:  Would you recommend the theater group to others and why?

I would 100% recommend the theatre group to anyone and everyone. The people themselves are such a diverse, accepting and wonderful group that there’s no such thing as “not fitting in”. Everyone understands that each role is valuable and no one can play another person’s part exactly the same way. Besides, nothing beats being on stage with your friends at the end of a show; all holding hands amid the applause and smiling so hard you can’t feel your face.


     The Oakland Catholic Theater Group is responsible for two plays, one in the fall and one in the spring.  Anyone interested in joining can contact Mrs. Gentile about it, and the group is always welcoming to new members!