An Interview with Mr. Palmer, the New Social Studies Teacher

Maeve Callahan '20, Staff Writer

The OC Eagle Eye recently had an opportunity to interview Mr. Palmer, the new member of the social studies department, so here we are!

Q1. What inspired you to become a teacher?

I have only been successful in my life due to the support of the amazing teachers that I have worked with. I wanted to work in a field where I would be able to pay it forward and provide the same support to others.

Q2. Why did you choose to teach here at OC?

My high school was very similar to OC, and I wanted to work in and be a part of the same type of community.

Q3. What is your favorite thing about this school, and the one thing that caught your eye the most?

Judy’s cookies! On a more serious note, I really enjoy all of the positive interactions I have had here, whether it be with my fellow teachers, the administration, or the students.

Q4. What inspired you to become a history teacher?

I enjoy working with students and teaching. History and Social Studies are my favorite content areas. Additionally, I feel that having a critical understanding of what we have done as humans is absolutely essential in pushing humanity in the directions that we need to go.

Q5. As a teacher, what are your future goals and/or ambitions?

I want to continue to make Oakland Catholic an excellent community.

Q6. What is some advice you’d like to give your students?

Read the directions, and enjoy your time in high school. While everyone here may be on their way to bigger and better things, that does not mean you should take for granted the amazing opportunities and friendships that you will have in your four years at Oakland Catholic.