Catch up with the Computer Programming Train!

Clara Albacete '19, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Oakland Catholic is offering a new series of classes this year all about computer programming! Start with Intro to Computer Programming and move up to different levels that teach Javascript, Graphic Design, and much more. Some of the upper level classes are offered in collaboration with Central Catholic. A little background on the first level course: Intro to Computer Programming is taught by Mrs. Blackmond and so far the students have primarily worked with a program called Scratch. I talked to sophomores Maria DePasquale and Abbey Lehrian, two girls who are taking Intro to Computer Programming this semester, and both were enthused with the class.

Interviewer: Do you like Computer Programming?

Maria: Yes, I do like Computer Programming

Abbey: I really enjoy computer programing. It is a fun class where a vast majority of the work involves doing things and actually programming things yourself.

Interviewer: What’s your favorite project so far?

Maria: I really like the game we are currently on.

Abbey: My favorite project was a maze in which a character had to go through the maze and get to a finish without touching the walls.

Interviewer: Did you come into this class having any prior knowledge on computer programming?

Maria: No, I did not have any prior experience.

Abbey: I had some previous knowledge of programming, but the class is pretty straightforward and easy to comprehend so I do not feel that previous knowledge was required.

Interviewer: What do you hope to gain from this class?

Maria: I hope to gain a closer idea of what I may be interested in for the future.

Abbey: I hope to gain a better comprehension of the basics of programming and the basic way it is done. The class really teaches you different ways to look at a problem because often there are multiple ways to create the same program.

Interviewer: Would you recommend Computer Programming to other students?

Maria: If you enjoy detail-oriented work then yes, I would recommend Computer Programming.

Abbey: I would absolutely recommend Computer Programming because it is a very interactive class that is a lot of fun too.

Interviewer: Do you think you will continue into other levels of Computer Programming?

Maria: Yes, I think I will continue into other levels of Computer Programming.

Abbey: Personally, I believe that I will. Intro to Computer Programming is a lot of fun and really sets you up so that you can understand the principles of programming and I am definitely interested in applying what I have learned in this class to more complex programing projects.

OC has high hopes for the Computer Programming courses, and with dedicated, enthusiastic students like Maria and Abbey, the program is sure to flourish.