Pittsburgh’s Tech and Foodie Boom

Emma Shaughnessy '20, Sports Editor

   For decades, the city of Pittsburgh has been evolving into a major technology and food industry. This gradual “boom” all started in the 1980s, when the steel industry began to decline. Although many steel mills remained open, and still do today, modern technology and trendy restaurants have started taking over the city.

   There have been many tech-related companies that have opened headquarters in Pittsburgh including Google, Apple, Facebook, and Uber, just to name a few. When these companies opened offices in Pittsburgh, outdated areas including Lawrenceville and East Liberty were revived. For instance, Google opened headquarters in East Liberty, making it a huge hub for technology. Additionally, all the new companies settling in Pittsburgh caused employment rates to skyrocket. Originally, only locals would apply for jobs in Pittsburgh, but now, young millennials from all over the world are coming to start careers.

   Another company that is beginning to revolutionize Pittsburgh is Uber. The company started off as a transportation service in San Francisco, California. Now, the business is currently testing its first self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, making the city a leader in the automatic vehicle revolution. These companies helped Pittsburgh evolve into the advanced, technological city it is today.

   In addition to Pittsburgh’s technology boom, the city also had a substantial food boom. Many new restaurants have opened in different neighborhoods across the city including Lawrenceville, the Strip District, Bloomfield, and Downtown Pittsburgh. The Strip District has dozens of new restaurants, all with a unique type of food. One local favorite is Smallman Galley. The eatery contains four different food stations and two bars, making it a great place to eat for families and young adults alike. Each station serves a different type of food. For example, one station makes homemade pizza, and another has delicious sandwiches. After one year, new food stations occupy the galley, so people can taste unfamiliar food from different countries. Smallman Galley is only one of the amazing restaurants in the Strip District. Some other popular options are Gaucho’s, Eleven, and Kaya. These trendy restaurants have transformed Pittsburgh into a culturally diverse city for people of all ages.

   Even though the steel-mills closing was difficult at the time, Pittsburgh probably would not be as advanced as it is today if that event never occurred. Pittsburgh has become a place that people want to live and work in. The fact that high tech businesses and high class restaurants that usually preside in big cities such as LA or New York are coming to Pittsburgh proves how much of a cultural hub it is becoming, and this is only the beginning.