The Transformation From Rags to Riches: A Look at Backstage Cinderella

Clara Albacete '19, Assistant Editor

    Over the tinny speakers in the green room below the McGonigle Theater Stage one can hear “A Lovely Night” being belted onstage. An entire ensemble stands in two rows, bobbing back and forth with their arms bent at the elbows, creating a table effect. There’s hushed laughter followed by loud “shushes” because over half the cast has microphones strapped to their waists. It’s a comical image, girls in full ball gowns and guys in pressed black outfits, bopping to the song that is sung overhead. Yet, it is Masque and the magic that happens backstage.

   For three months the Masque slaved over Cinderella working until every hand was perfectly positioned, every line was impeccably recited, and every set moved with smooth precision.


   Starting rehearsal in September, the cast would meet about three times a week to learn and practice songs and dances until they melded into the production put on display December 1, 2, and 3. Stage crew was also hard at work, meeting every Saturday in a dinky warehouse to construct three different sets that transported the audience to the village, Cinderella’s cottage, and the beautiful palace. With nineteen people wearing microphones, more than Masque has ever had wearing at the same time, boundaries were pushed and the capacity of the stage tested on a whole different level. Luckily, the show was received positively, gaining a bigger audience each night.

Proud to put another successful show behind them, the Masque is now excited to move on to the bigger spring production of A Chorus Line!