A Vibrant Valedictorian: Grace Doerfler


Kara Puszko '18, Features Editor

Congratulations to our very own Editor-in-Chief, Grace Doerfler, who was named Valedictorian of OC’s class of 2018! She will continue to do great things next year at the University of Notre Dame. The Eagle Eye will certainly miss her guidance and great ideas! I had the opportunity to talk with Grace about her time at Oakland Catholic:


What clubs or sports were you involved in at Oakland Catholic?

I participated in cross-country, track, and swimming all four years. I was involved in the Eagle Eye, GCI, student ambassadors, JOA, and student council, and I volunteered at Bethlehem Haven with Campus Ministry.


Is there anything you wish you had joined but decided not to?

I wish I had been able to do Model UN! It seems like such a cool program, and I admire the girls who do it—they’re so well-informed and articulate. I also wish I’d had time for forensics.


What made you decide to join the Eagle Eye?

I have always loved writing, and for a long time I’ve been interested in journalism, so that’s what initially drew me to the Eagle Eye. Additionally, I looked up to the older girls on the newspaper staff, so I always enjoyed being involved for that reason, getting to know them and watching them lead. Over the past four years, I’ve become close friends with other members of the Eagle Eye, which is something I’ll always look back on fondly.


How did you fight the stress of high school?

In a couple of different ways. I think that knowing how to laugh at yourself is a good way to keep things in perspective—finding something to laugh about makes the stress feel a lot more manageable. I liked to go running with friends and vent and laugh with them after long days. I also found that setting aside time for journaling was a great way to reduce stress. Keeping up on pleasure reading is a nice daily dose of escapism and stress relief, too!


What class would you recommend taking at OC?

You can’t really go wrong with any class at OC! I love the humanities, so APUSH, Global Studies, and French were some of my favorite classes. They were challenging in a good way, with great teachers and classmates that made the classes engaging and fun. I would also highly recommend CE Physics—I’m not particularly STEM-oriented, but Mr. Graner does a great job of teaching physics so it makes sense, and I really enjoyed that class.


What do you plan to study in college, and what interested you in this subject?

Right now, I’m hoping to study political science and peace studies. I think my history classes at Oakland Catholic piqued my interest in political science and international affairs. Becoming more conscious of current events has made me aware of the conflicts plaguing the world; I wish we could have peace, and I have faith that it’s possible someday. I’m interested in peace studies because I’d like to contribute my voice to the work of promoting peace and justice.


Is there an experience that stands out to you as your best high school memory?

It’s a simple thing, but being able to sit outside for lunch this year and relax with friends was such a nice senior privilege! It was great to slow down in the middle of a busy school day and catch up with friends in the fresh air.

I’ve also really enjoyed listening to teachers’ stories and advice. I am so grateful to OC’s faculty for offering so much wisdom, both about their subjects and about life, and I know that for years to come I’ll treasure the knowledge and advice they shared.


We wish Grace good luck in the years to come and can’t wait to see where the future takes her!