Back to School Hacks

Summer is over, the leaves are changing color, and the cold weather is approaching. The first month of school, many students have a lot of energy and motivation with their schoolwork. Now that a month has come and gone, many students, will often procrastinate on their schoolwork and become easily distracted while trying to study. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay motivated and limit distractions.

One way to stay motivated is to stay organized. To keep track of your assignments and test dates, place sticky notes on a chalkboard or wall so you have a place to write reminders. If you want to be extra organized, you can color code the sticky notes. You could color code by class, assignment, due date, or any other way you find. This will help you stay on track and limit the amount of forgotten assignments for the year.

Focusing is something that seems to be difficult for pretty much everyone. Listening to music can be really great, but lyrics can be very distracting. Spotify has tons of great study playlists that you can enjoy without getting distracted. The other day, I found myself on my phone when I was supposed to be doing my homework. One of the simplest ways to reduce distractions like this is by putting your phone in another room. In addition, there is a website called KeepMeOut, which temporarily blocks certain websites. KeepMeOut is perfect for when you are trying to write an essay and you keep getting distracted by games and websites. Next time you are studying, try these simple and easy hacks to boost your focus.

The final tip is a website that is every students’ best friend: Quizlet. Quizlet can cut your study time in half. All you have to do is type in the information you want to study and it gives you a bunch of different ways to study and review the information. The best part of Quizlet is that if you don’t have time to type all the information into a study set, your friend or classmate can email their Quizlet set to you and you instantly have all the material you need to know for the test. You can also download the Quizlet app on your phone and study anywhere. This is helpful if you have a long bus ride and need to review before your test in the morning. If you haven’t used Quizlet yet, I highly recommend you give it a try.

As we progress further into the school year, I hope you try some of these tips on focus and motivation. If anything helps you, make sure to recommend it to your friends to make studying easier for them too. Have a great year!