¡Bienvenida Señorita Pardys!

Clara Albacete '19, Editor-In-Chief

OC is excited to welcome Señorita Allison Pardys to our community! Srta. Pardys is currently substituting Spanish while Mrs.Toncini is out on maternity leave, and will remain in this position until the end of January. Srta. Pardys is an enthusiastic teacher that loves her fiancé, adorable dog, friends, travelling, and, of course, teaching! Despite only being at OC for a month, Srta. Pardys is already well-liked by her many students. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions:

Q: Where did you move to Pittsburgh from?

Señorita Pardys: I moved from Louisville, Kentucky! I spent the past two years living there, but am originally from the Chicago area.

Q: How has your adjustment to living here been so far?

SP: It’s honestly been so great. I’ve had enough experiences moving and doing more long term/ extended travel to really see how starting fresh somewhere new can be really challenging. So, I’ve been so pleasantly surprised with my transition…everyone is so friendly, living in Squirrel Hill is blast since it’s so accessible to restaurants, grocery, and all other necessities, and the landscape is a pretty big change from Kentucky which has been neat. Long story short, I love it!

Q: What level of Spanish do you like teaching best?

SP: That’s a hard one! I would probably say Spanish III Honors. Students at this level are really starting to be able to communicate and understand the language, but still have more to learn. It lends itself to more partner conversations, games, and interactive content which I’m all about 🙂

Q: What made you want to teach Spanish?

SP: My mom taught Spanish for 25 years and definitely instilled in me a love of language and culture. We hosted students from Spain in our home 3 or 4 times while I was growing up and had the opportunity to travel, so I was really able to see that there’s a world outside of my bubble, which was great. I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher, so once I developed a love for Spanish, I was set!

Q: How do you like Oakland Catholic so far?

SP: Oakland Catholic has exceeded every expectation I ever had. The students here are ACTUALLY unreal and make teaching so exciting and fun. Staff members have been so welcoming and accommodating…and as someone who loves culture, it’s been so fun to get to share in the developed culture of this school! I’m trying to stay in the moment, but I’m already sad to be leaving in January!

Q: Are there any events in particular you are looking forward to this school year?

SP: I’ve heard good things about spirit week, winter formal, and Eagle for a Day! Not sure what to expect for any of them, but excited to find out!


A huge thank you to Srta. Pardys for taking the time to answer these questions! We can’t wait for her to experience OC at its best!