A Sentimental Senior Reflection

Clara Albacete '19, Editor in Chief

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The end of another school year. A sentiment I’ve heard echoed across the senior class this year was that the days passed very slowly, but the year has flown by. As a senior, reaching the end of the school year is bittersweet. We’re all beyond ready to leave high school and start college, but it is still hard to say goodbye to clubs, sports, teachers, and friends that have shaped the past four years. For me personally, the hardest goodbye has been Masque, which has been a very significant and wonderful part of my high school career. As the finale music started up on closing night, I felt tears pouring down my face and definitely smudging my stage makeup. I was torn between the feeling of sadness that this was my last show in the McGonigle Theater and the deep feeling of gratitude and happiness that I got to have such a magnificent experience for four years and eight shows. The feelings that overcame me on that final night are felt by almost every senior as her season ends, whether it be in sports, Model UN, or any club she belongs to. We will certainly miss these activities that helped shape us as people, but even more so, we are grateful we had the chance to be a part of them, and to be able to love them and have them love us back.

As graduation day approaches, there is certainly an air of excitement amongst all of my fellow seniors. This is the day we’ve been counting down to since August 27, and after four years of transitioning from young teens to almost-adults, we’re ready to go. Senior year is not an easy year, mostly because you spend all fall writing and rewriting essays, taking last minute ACT and SAT tests, making sure your application is as perfect as it can be, and then—waiting. The wait for decisions is the hardest part, since you know there’s nothing you can do. It’s all out of your hands. You can only pray and hope that your dream school will accept you, that the school has enough money to give you the financial aid you need, and that you’ll end up in a place that makes you happy and gives you the best opportunities. Rejection happens to everyone, in some way, shape, or form, whether that be not getting into a school, or not getting the aid to be able to afford it. But with each rejection we grow as people; I can say with quite a bit of confidence that the class of 2019 will be much stronger when we walk across the stage than when we started this process last year.

It has been a crazy year, and I think I speak for every one of us when I say that. There have been good and bad things, but every step has prepared us more and more for what next year will hold. Class of 2019, we made it!

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