A Year in Review: Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Perspectives


Eight and a half months ago, the class of 2022 started their first year at Oakland Catholic. The beginning was daunting. Each girl came from a different background. Some came in with all the girls from their elementary class, and some came in on their own. Each girl in this class went through so much change during this year. Many girls struggled with adjusting, so the beginning of the year was hectic. Now that everything is in routine, the slow realizations that we are all here has set in. The year had so many highs and lows. All the girls are definitely ready for a break. Although the year is almost over, it doesn’t feel like it. School is at full speed and finals are creeping around the corner. Besides academics, many extracurriculars and sports have already ended. Time is flying by for some, and barely moving for others. For those who feel like it’s months until school ends, each day is a journey. Throughout this year each girl has grown beyond imagination. So many parts of the day are difficult. The early mornings are hard and homework is brutal, but there are so many beautiful parts of this class. The girls are vibrant, strong, and diverse. So many interesting people have found each other and made irreplaceable bonds. The same girls who entered in August will leave in June and wait in anticipation for round two. After freshman year, each girl is relieved, tired, but undeniably changed.


In August, the Class of 2021 started our sophomore year here at Oakland Catholic, and now, months later, we’re about to become juniors. I’m sure if you asked any of us we would attest to how fast this year flew by. The adjustment from freshman year to sophomore year was a lot for most of us: more reading, more in-classes, and overall, a much larger workload. However, we figured it out, barely at times. Although the year was tough, most of us agree it wasn’t as bad as it was hyped up to be. Sure there was a change, but it was not astronomical. Of course there were fun times including football games and spirit week (even though we lost every game we played). By the end of this year, our grade settled into high school more than we did freshman year. In the end, each one of us started counting down the days until we could feel the freedom of summer and the power of being an upperclassmen. But for now, we need to get through the next month before we can officially call ourselves juniors.


I cannot believe that I’m in the home stretch of my Junior Year! It felt like yesterday that we returned in September to kick off our first year as upperclassmen. With a new year came new challenges, especially with standardized testing and looming college applications coming up this summer. However, I would say that Junior Year has been my favorite so far at OC! I have gotten closer with a lot of friends because of engaging classes and opportunities on the Crew Team. I went on the Kairos retreat in March and grew in my faith life, said farewell to my amazing history teacher, Mrs. Fratto, became an NHS scholar, transformed our class hallway into a superhero comic book, and I am thrilled to have the chance to visit Italy in June for the Young Women’s Leadership trip. Overall, Junior Year has been extremely rewarding and the Class of 2020 is ready to confidently take on Senior Year!