B.Y.E (Black, Young, and Educated)

Nyiah Lance ‘22, Staff Writer

Four juniors from Oakland and one junior from Central have started a non-profit youth organization called B.Y.E, which stands for Black, Young and Educated. This week I spoke with three of the four Oakland juniors behind the organization, Treasure Palmer, Zeinah Browne, and Morgan Henson. Here is the series of questions that I asked them:


What is B.Y.E?

Black Young and Educated


Who started this?

Five students, four juniors from Oakland and one from Central: Morgan Henson, Zeinah Browne, Treasure Palmer, Angelique Brown, and Nick.


Why did you all start Black, Young, and Educated?

BSU wasn’t enough, we needed more, so we started B.Y.E.


What does B.Y.E do?

Events to promote the black youth community, supports the community, gives a platform for Pittsburgh, makes a more secured space and a place with no boundaries on our voices.


Why did you decide to name it Black, Young, and Educated?

Those three words described us, as a group, best. It goes with our mission, spreading knowledge throughout the community and shows everyone that you can make a change at any age.


What type of group is B.Y.E?

It is a non-profit youth organization.

Do you all plan to do this after high school?

Yes, we want to continue this in college.

Are you all having any other events?

Yes, an open mic night show, a back to school event, and also partnering with bigger organizations to have some events as well.

What are your long-term goals?

Starting chapters in other schools, having a name in Pittsburgh, and being known throughout Pittsburgh.


I think that B.Y.E is a great organization because of what they stand for, and their mission is powerful and relevant in today’s world. I know that in the future they will accomplish great things.