Your Go-to Guide to Bullet Journaling

Briana Caldwell '22, Staff Writer

Everyone aspires to be as aesthetically organized as those who bullet journal. Keeping organized while making it look pretty can be tough, but I’m here to give some tips on how to get started on your own bullet journal.

Pens and Markers: 

A writing utensil can make or break the theme of a bullet journal. Is it too thick, too light, or just doesn’t look right? You should consider those things when searching for a pen (yes, ‘searching,’ and yes, it is that serious). In the bullet journaling community, there are a few go to’s that will be just ‘write’ (see what I did there) for you! 

  1. Muji Pens 
  2. Pilot G-2 07 or Pilot G-2 10
  3.  Pigma Micron Pens  

Now time for the color. Highlighters or markers are great ways to make your notes eye catching and easier to study. Using normal colored highlighters can get boring and ordinary after a while though, and that’s where Crayola Super Tips come in. These markers can be used to color your notes and highlight them when paired with a black gel pen. Beware of bleeding and pressing too hard while using the marker, but they won’t bleed through your standard Mead or Five Star notebook. 


Most bullet journals are compact and half the size of a regular notebook. There are three starter types of pages you can choose from: Graphed, Lined, and Dotted.

Graph paper is more useful if you plan to keep track of your sleep schedule, create a calendar, or make charts. Blocked off sections or boxes, is the way to get the most use out of graph paper. 





Using a bullet journal as an actual journal isn’t as crazy as it sounds I promise. If you want to write about your day in a neat manner or just make a fancy list of the things you need to get done, lined paper is perfect!






Dot paper  is the blankest canvas of them all and allows the most creativity to flow. The dots allow for the precise measurements you get from lined paper without the constrictions of lines. Dots are for those who really want the setup to be entirely up to them.




Need a little more inspiration to get started? Check out AmandaRachLee and Jenny Journals on YouTube! They do some amazing plan with me videos where they go through what their setup/theme will be for the month.