FIAT Freshman Perspective

Cea Miller '23, Staff Writer

   FIAT is a program that gives groups of new freshmen students a senior student to look up to throughout their first year at Oakland Catholic. The FIAT groups are supposed to help freshmen better find their way at Oakland. Are the FIAT groups really helping freshmen? 

I asked the following question to four freshmen, “Do you find your FIAT groups helpful?” 

   “Yes,” said one freshman, “I have found FIAT group very helpful. They have really helped me get acclimated to OC.” 

   Another freshman replied, “Yes, I like having FIAT groups. I like having an upperclassman to talk to about all sorts of topics that an OC freshman would wonder about. I also love the fact that she brings us candy and chocolates!”  

   The third freshman explained, “Yes, I find FIAT groups helpful. They allow you to interact and seek help from peers that went through a lot of the same things the freshmen class is going through now.” 

   The fourth freshman also found them helpful, explaining, “Yes, I find FIAT groups very helpful because we have someone who could help us and give us advice. My FIAT group also helps me socialize with people who are going through the same thing as I am.”

   I also asked four other freshmen, “What is your opinion on your FIAT group?”

   One freshman said, “I really enjoy the FIAT groups and it is nice to have people to go to. I feel like we are able to ask questions about Oakland and help each other through difficulties.” 

   “I like FIAT groups,” said another freshman, “because they give me a chance to talk and ask questions about the next four years of our life.” 

   The third freshman said, “I enjoy FIAT groups. It was nice to meet an upperclassman and to meet new people.” 

   The last freshman I interviewed said, “I love having FIAT groups because it gives me the chance to meet a more experienced OC student.” 

   The conclusion from these interviews? Freshmen find Oakland’s FIAT Program to be very helpful and they help smooth the way into the freshman year. This is a tradition that should remain in place for years to come.