FIAT Mentoring: Senior Perspective

Kavya Weaver '20, News Editor

   I can distinctly recall the anxiety I felt walking through the doors of Oakland Catholic the first day of my freshman year. I was the only student in the freshman class from my grade school, and I felt completely alone standing in the DP surrounded by girls who seemed like they had already established their friend groups. The first few months of that year were difficult as I tried to navigate an environment completely different from my grade school and make friends, a process that is challenging for everyone entering high school. However, I slowly adjusted to life at OC, and I’m happy to say that I now have a great group of friends at this school and that I’ve thrived in my classes over the past four years. A major factor in this success was my friendship with a girl in the grade above me, Ali, who I had known from my grade school. Ali’s advice and kindness throughout my years in high school was invaluable to me, and she was especially important to me during my first year, when I was experiencing Oakland Catholic for the first time. Her advice on succeeding in classes with certain teachers, studying for midterms and finals, getting involved in clubs and sports, and many other subjects was a great resource for me. So when I heard about the purpose of the FIAT mentorship program, I was eager to serve in the same capacity to a group of freshmen as Ali had for me. I remember how scary freshman year was, and I’ll be happy if I can alleviate any of the worries that the freshmen in my mentor group are harboring. After the extensive application process and my subsequent acceptance as a mentor, I was excited, but also a bit nervous, to meet my group and begin the mentorship process. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a mentor. All of the girls in my group are amazing, and I’ve had a lot of fun hanging out with them during our first two meetings and at the freshmen retreat. I’m enjoying getting to know all of the girls in my group, and I’m excited to see how my relationships with them strengthen throughout the school year. I’ve found that snacks and games are the keys to a successful meeting and that this teaching relationship between me and the mentees is mutual – they’ve already taught me how TikTok works and I’ve learned a variety of confusing, but fun, games. I’m excited for the year ahead, and I hope that I can be part of a successful freshman year for all of my mentees!