Get to Know Mr. Sullen!

Emma Rooney '23, Staff Writer

   Mr. Francis Sullen teaches freshmen religion here at Oakland Catholic High School for 16 years. I recently got the chance to sit down with Mr. Sullen to talk to him about his career here.

   I asked him what his plans for this year were, and he said that he wanted to help his students prepare for life and heaven by becoming closer to Jesus. He also said that his favorite thing about teaching is that he gets to share his faith with his students. When I asked him what his favorite unit to teach was, he said the survey of the old testament.

   Finally, I asked him if he had a favorite moment teaching here at OC for 16 years. He said that there were just too many to pick a favorite. I want to take this time to thank Mr. Sullen for giving me the opportunity to interview him. I asked Mr. Sullen if he always wanted to be a religion teacher, he said, “Yes, even when I spent 30 years in the trucking industry I wanted to share my faith with young people.”  Before he started teaching religion here at Oakland Catholic, He taught CCD for over 20 years.