Welcome Miss Christ, Our New Campus Minister

Maggie Storti '20, Staff Writer

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview one of the newest additions to Oakland Catholic: Miss Megan Christ. She is our new campus minister this year and I wanted to ask her a few questions for the community of OC to get a chance to know her! 


  1. How excited are you to work as the Campus Minister at OC?

Beyond excited! I will admit that at first, I was stunned by God’s plan for me to be back at OC! After the Opening School Mass, I was able to finally get a grip. It’s incredible to see the gift of faith in the students and faculty of OC, and I appreciate the blessing of a Catholic Education in a way that I was not able to see or understand when I was a student. 


  1. What is one thing that is different now at OC than it was when you attended?

Of course I would love to shout out awesome initiatives like Mission Forward and GCI but honestly, I can’t believe you girls are allowed to wear wild socks every day! We practically rioted for that every year to no avail. 


  1. What is one thing you are looking forward to the most now that you work at OC?

I am excited to be able to attend OC Mission Trips again! These trips helped me not only to recognize the needs of others but also my own need for God while I was still in high school. Without them, I may have never seen what it means to give and receive the love of God and I can’t wait to help OC girls experience something similar through their own gift of service. 

  1. What is your favorite part of being a faculty member at Oakland?

Calling Mr. Finnegan, “Patrick.”

  1. Where can people find you on a day-to-day basis?

It’s a toss up between my office or the chapel! 

  1. What’s one word of advice you have to the girls of OC?

The more you learn to give your fears and anxieties to God, the easier it is to find the courage you need to be the most authentic version of yourself.