Goodbye Flip-Flops, Hello Boots: Winter Fashion Trends

Goodbye Flip-Flops, Hello Boots: Winter Fashion Trends

Annie Snyder '21, Co-Assistant Editor

Although jean shorts and tank tops are fun, nothing beats the warm layers of winter fashion.  Here are some fun winter fashion trends for 2019 and possibly some gift ideas for when your family asks you what you would like for Christmas this year.

  • Plaid Skirts

Plaid skirts have been a trend for a while, and they’re recurring for a reason. Plaid skirts are cute that can be dressed up or down. The tweed plaid skirt to the right from SheIn mixes both texture and pattern.

  • Long dress coats

Long dress coats, specifically camel-colored, are not only practical and effective but also fashionable. The coat at the right is from Gap, but similar styles can be bought at many stores at many price points. 

  • Statement puffy jackets

Oversized, often colorful puffer jackets have been popping up in designer fashion for a while.  Now, it has been coming to more affordable brands such as Forever 21 (to the right) and ASOS. You could style this jacked layered over a turtleneck with a pair of jeans or other simple pants or even with a skirt.

  • “Teddy bear” jackets and bags

To the right is the original teddy bear jacket from the Australian brand I.AM.GIA, but cheaper alternatives can be found in many other stores and in different styles as well. These can truly be worn over almost anything, but a thin sweater and jean skirt combo is always a good choice.

  • Large chunky knits

Another recurring trend is chunky sweaters. These sweaters are not only incredibly cozy but also super cute and versatile. You can pair them with almost anything for a cute winter look. The one to the right is from Topshop at Nordstrom but there are many different types based on color, pattern, and neckline.

  • Pantyhose/tights

Black pantyhose are a great addition to any skirt/dress to warm up your legs and give a winter feel.  One of my favorite ways to wear pantyhose is with a festive plaid skirt, turtleneck, and little booties. You can find these at almost any department store.

  • Combat boots

Boots, in general, are always in style in the winter months. But combat boots, particularly Doc Martens, are super in this season. Black combat boots can be paired with truly any outfit, but a white pair can be a statement piece in a more basic outfit. These boots can also be dressed up or down for many occasions, and they are a great piece to have that should last several years.

  • Funky Sunglasses

While sunglasses are normally associated with the summer, white, bright snow also requires a good pair of shades.  While statement sunglasses have been a trend for a while, warm shades give it a wintry twist. Worn with some of the items mentioned above, this accessory can give a slightly quirky, unique twist to an otherwise basic outfit. The pair to the right is from Urban Outfitters.