Fun Thanksgiving Dishes

Hannah Werner '23 and Grace Kaczmarek '23, Staff Writers

Thanksgiving is a great time to be with family and friends and eat lots of good food. Although traditional Thanksgiving foods like turkey and mashed potatoes are good, there are so many more fun and mouth-watering dishes to make. 


Try spicing up your turkey with red chile and orange glazed turkey. It’s a great way to bring more flavor to your dinner table while eating something that is crucial for a Thanksgiving feast. For side dishes, try making maple bacon carrots. They are simply made by wrapping maple bacon around caramelized carrots. 


Lastly, end the night with an apple crisp cheesecake for dessert. This dessert combines two flavorful dishes and makes them into one great dessert. If there are leftovers, make chicken apple sausages and sweet potato hash for breakfast. All around the world, there are different cultures and traditions, and these are only a couple of the things you could try. We encourage you to try these recipes on your own!