Things to do on a Snow Day

Vivian Bui '23 , Staff Writer

When the weather gets too cold and the roads are covered with ice, schools are sure to have a snow day. Students get some time off school and are able to have a whole day to themselves. Unfortunately, a day off can cause boredom and some might feel like there’s nothing to do. Well, if that becomes your situation, here are some fun things to do on a snow day! 


Do you like to bake, write, or create things? If so, then there are many things for you to enjoy. Paint a wintery scene based on the landscape outside or write a poem about what it’s like in the cold. Want to do something not only fun, but also delicious? Try making hot chocolate and cookies–it’s a sweet pairing that is sure to warm you up. 


Going outside is another option, as well. Make sure you’re wearing layers and keeping warm. Building snowmen, making snow angels, or having a snowball fight with some close friends are sure to be enjoyable. Just because you’re in highschool, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun playing in the snow. If you like to sled or ski, then hit the hills for an exhilarating experience. The MassMutal Ice Rink in Downtown Pittsburgh opened recently, so ice skating is definitely an option. 

Streaming services, like Disney+ or Netflix, have always got your back when you are bored. Watch a movie or binge an old T.V. show. If you haven’t watched The Office, your day off would be the perfect time to start, since it will be taken off Netflix by the end of the year. Reading can also be fun: Try to pick a book is about you like or sounds interesting. Maybe your family can play a board game or video game while listening to a Christmas playlist you created. If you are still bored, put together a puzzle.


Hopefully, this list can help you enjoy your snow day. There’s a lot of things to do, so make the most of that time away from school!