The Night Will End: A Poem

Angela McKinzie ’21, News Editor

Let my words cover your eyes   

with blushing roses so that it may 

drip to your skin and make it flush 

with joy and utter beauty. 

Continue to dream of blissful days 

and calming nights until it seeps into 

your world that has become so 

blackened from everyone’s nightmares. 

These issues will soon slide off of the 

minute and hour hands that seem 

to never no where they are going, 

nor know where they have been—it will 

all drift into the sea and bury beneath the 

ocean floor where all troubles of the past 

find their resting place. 

This is a strong, yet fleeting moment, my dear, 

so please wipe away your seemingly ceaseless tears 

so that you may see into the coming years. 

Here there is merriment that warms the place

between the palms of our holding hands. 


Here you will find my smile once again and 

feel the soft air of our laughter becoming one. 


Here is a new home made beautiful for you. 

Just wait a little longer, my dear friend, 

wait for these days knowing they are soon to come.