Farewell to Mr. Sullen

Farewell to Mr. Sullen

Emma Rooney '23, Staff Writer

Oakland Catholic High school has a lot of great teachers but, this year we have to say farewell to one great teacher in particular: Mr. Francis Sullen. I can speak from experience when I tell you that Mr. Sullen is a very sweet, compassionate, and special teacher. His classroom has a very serious but fun feel to it. I recently got the pleasure to sit down and talk to Mr. Sullen via zoom to ask him some questions and see what he plans to do after he retires: 


Emma: Is there one lesson in particular that you taught that you will miss? 

Mr. Sullen: The one that students like the most is the prophet project.


Emma: What are some of your favorite things about teaching at OC? 

Mr. Sullen: The students and the catholic atmosphere because it is a christ-centered environment.


Emma: What made you want to be a teacher? 

Mr. Sullen: When you receive and experience love, you want to share that with others. 


Emma: Is there anything that you will miss about being a teacher? 

Mr. Sullen: I will miss seeing the students every day.


Emma: What are you excited about doing in retirement? 

Mr. Sullen: I see myself as someone who speaks the gospel message. 


Emma: What advice would you pass along based on your experiences? 

Mr. Sullen: Trust in Jesus, pray, and don’t worry. 


Emma: Would you consider doing a cooking show since your CCW’s have become so popular? 

Mr. Sullen: I am honored that they are popular but, not a standard show.


Mr. Sullen, as one of your many students, I can honestly say that it has been an honor to be your student. I am going to miss you, and I hope you find joy in whatever God has planned for you next. 

Farewell, Mr. Sullen, from your OC Eagles!