Virtual Student Perspective: Opinion

Vanessa Moats '22, Staff Writer

This year has been anything but normal. In making my decision to go fully virtual, I was extremely worried. With the COVID-19 cases increasing and because my family has some high-risk members, we decided as a family to go virtual. After the first day of school, all of my worries were extinguished. All of my teachers have made learning from home less stressful. They are always available if I have questions and truly want to make sure I am getting the same education as people physically in the building. Although going to school virtually is a learning curve, I have been able to transition easily. I think this is because the teachers are so attentive to the virtual students and treat them as if they are in the classroom. Something that has helped tremendously is the weekly overview for all of my classes, as it helps me get organized and prepare for the week. Also, I have still been able to participate in clubs outside of the classroom which is another thing I was worried about when going virtual. On another note, I never realized how much more sleep I would get from being a virtual student. My first-period class is a study hall this semester, so I don’t wake up until eight o’clock. Overall, I am glad that I chose to go virtual even though I’m hoping that next semester the pandemic will improve so that I will be able to come back to in-person school.