Personal Vaccine Experience

Vanessa Moats '22, Staff Writer

As soon as I was eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, I found an appointment as soon as I could. Because of my high risk, I was able to get the vaccine in February. My sister, mom, and I all signed up for an appointment at a clinic. Because vaccines were in high demand then, we had to keep refreshing the site to make sure that we were able to get a spot as soon as the appointment slots opened. Since I am seventeen, I was eligible for the Pfizer vaccine. On the day of my first dose, I was excited and a little nervous. The clinic ran smoothly as they checked us in and led us to where vaccines were being administered. The shot itself did not hurt at all and was actually the easiest shot I’ve ever gotten. They had us wait fifteen minutes after to make sure we did not have an immediate reaction. After the first dose, I had arm pain and was very tired, but those were the only side effects that I experienced. Three weeks later, I went back to the same clinic to get my second dose. My mom had heard from friends who had gotten the second dose before us that the side effects were brutal. The second shot hurt a little more than the first and I did experience side effects. The night of my second dose I was nauseous and very tired. I slept most of the next day, but by the third day, I was completely back to normal. Compared to what I could have experienced if I were have had the actual virus, I would take these side effects any day. Overall, I recommend the vaccine to everyone. The only way to truly get back to normal is for everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated to get the vaccine.